Swift + SwiftUI Art

I'm Sticking with Native iOS Development

Lately, every time I see a job opening for iOS development it’s either React Native, Flutter, or some type of cross-platform stack. I admit that these technologies make sense in many cases. Learning React Native has crossed my mind a few times. I’m choosing to stick with native development using Swift and SwiftUI. Here’s why… Swift is the Programming Language that I Know the Most I often hear people debating what’s the best programming language....

May 14, 2024

Hello World!

Hi there, My name is Axel Rivera. I’m an indie iOS developer living in Orlando, FL. I have over 10 years of experience building iOS apps in an enterprise environment including tech startups, banks, government and health care. Now I mostly freelance to support working on my iOS apps. This blog is a place for me to cover topics about iOS development. While some of the content will be technical, my true mission extends beyond code....

April 24, 2024